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We now offer couples massages at our Rittenhouse and Fairmount Ave locations - call for more information.

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Get special discounts, monthly swedish massage and more!

Take control of your health. You'll feel the health benefits after your first visit. The simple touch of massage is a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle regimen. Let our talented staff tailor personalized, amenity-driven quality massages to complete your health goals. Members are entitled to many membership perks in addition to a monthly Swedish massage.

Massages promote immunity, soothe stress, ease tension and pain, reduce hypertension and fatigue, aid in tissue regeneration, and enhance sleep quality while satisfying your senses.

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massage. feels a calling commitment to our community.
At massage. it is our mission to create your prefect personalized, yet affordable massage while doing our part to support the community, the environment and health research.
We begin with “1-3-3.” What is “1-3-3,” you ask?
Based on your votes, we will donate 1% of our net profits to one animal, one environmental, and one health research organization– totaling 3% of our net profits!
So, let your voice be heard - it’s up to you, the consumer, to vote which organizations will receive the annual donations. You get the opportunity to vote during each visit to massage. for the following local (L), national (N), and global (G) charitable organizations:


L: PAWS, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

N: National Wildlife Federation

G: World Society for the Protection of Animals

environmental organizations

L: TreePhilly (free trees for city blocks)

N: Wild Oceans (marine habitat protection)

G: Environmental Defense Fund


L: MANNA (meals for ill Philadelphians)

N: St. Jude’s Research Hospital

G: PATH (neonatal care in 70+ countries)